CARE FOR YOU 2, caring for your loved one and you!
CARE FOR YOU 2, caring for your loved one and you!

Values and Culture



       We care about people, our clients and our associates.
       We have a heart for our work. It’s not just a job, it’s our calling.
       We live and work by embracing truth and honesty.
       We deliver what we promise.
       We conduct our business and ourselves professionally.
       We are dependable, reliable and consistent.
       We set and achieve high standards of excellence.
       We strive to attract, select and retain the best associates.
       We create a vision that excites and motivates.
       We share the vision to achieve alignment and commitment.
       We celebrate the diversity of the team.
       We leverage the synergy of the team.
       We provide the direction, expectations, training and resources necessary to empower the individual and the team.
       We require accountability and grant latitude to be flexible and responsive.
       We always seek to better understand the needs of our clients.
       We find new and better ways to fulfill their needs.
Continuous Improvement
       We continuously develop our associates and involve them in creating best practices.
       We continuously improve processes, quality, service and customer satisfaction.
       We recognize the need for meaning, satisfaction, fulfillment and fun at work.
       We strive for balance between work and the family, spiritual, social and physical aspects of life. 


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 CARE FOR YOU 2 is available 7 days a week for additional support and advice. Even if we can't provide a specific service for you and/or your family, we are always glad to recommend other opportunities. We're also there if you just need someone to listen. Hence the name CARE FOR YOU 2....we not only care for our clients but their families too!

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