CARE FOR YOU 2, caring for your loved one and you!
CARE FOR YOU 2, caring for your loved one and you!

In-Home Care Frequently Asked Questions:


Can you leave the house and run errands such as shopping for my groceries?


    We can leave the house to run errands if the senior is still living independently in their own home.


Can you take me to the doctor or shopping?


    Our in-home caregiver can transport a client if a release form is signed from the client or the primary care giver. If the caregiver's car is used  for shopping or errands, an additional charge for mileage must be added to your invoice.


Will the in-home caregiver leave the house while taking care of my loved one while I’m away?


    We do not permit the in-home caregiver to leave the home. They are required to stay with the loved one until the  primary caregiver returns. If you are an independent living senior, the caregiver may run various errands for you.


Do you do housekeeping?


    We do limited homemaking. We specialize in personal care attention required for the proper care of you or your loved one.


How does the caregiver you send know what to do?


    We always prepare a CARE PLAN and it is kept in a CARE FOR YOU 2 folder that we provide for you along with all the pertinent information needed for an emergency.


Can you give my loved one their medication?


    We make certain your loved one takes their pre-dispensed medicine on their scheduled day and time.


Do you provide overnight service and weekend care?


   Yes, we can provide additional extended care. We do request a 24 hour advanced notice when possible.


Can you provide us with a nurse?


    We do not have a nurse on staff because we are a non-medical care company but we can offer a referral.


Do you accept Medicare or do you service Passport clients?


    We do not. We are a private pay service.


Do you bill the insurance company if we have long term insurance?


    We can give you a CARE PLAN to submit to your long term insurance policy in order for you to get reimbursed directly. In most cases, you are pre-qualified for a certain amount of hours per week. When required, we can bill the insurance company directly.


How do you charge for the service you provide and how often will I be billed?


    We are private pay and if you’re on a weekly schedule, we will bill you every four weeks. If you use us on occasion, you will be billed upon services rendered.


Is your company licensed and how are caregvivers checked?


    We are fully licensed with the state of Ohio. Our policy and Ohio require all employees to submit a clean BCI background check.


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