CARE FOR YOU 2, caring for your loved one and you!
CARE FOR YOU 2, caring for your loved one and you!

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   CARE FOR YOU 2 LLC is a non-medical service providing quality senior in- home care. We are a family owned business, fully insured and bonded, serving the Greater Cincinnati Area.  Our team has received comprehensive training. We do accept quality caregivers with at least two years of on the job experience in the home health care field.

    Co-owners are Cathy Utter and Nick Harper.  We are a mother and son team making us a family owned company.  Cathy spent many years working in the home health field caring for the elderly. She then became the primary caregiver to her own mother. She moved her mother in with her and took 24/7 care of her. She dedicated herself to her own terminally ill mother making her final days filled with constant love and respect.  Nick brings to the company many skills. He is a graduate of Bowling Green University majoring in Statistics and Computer Science. He also has over 15 years of experience in the consumer goods and services industry.
    Both Cathy and Nick display the heart needed for this business in addition to the patience, understanding and compassion.  Our experiences have given a unique prospective on caregiving which is shown in each client we assist. As a company, we can bring into play the actual first hand knowledge of a care provider plus we can profoundly relate to the demands and stress a primary family caregiver may be experiencing. We realize your loved ones are very important to you and we feel this same passion in the quality care we provide for the families we have the pleasure of helping. We all deserve a helping hand along with a little love to meet our daily responsibilities. Together we can make a difference in someone's life. CARE FOR YOU 2....dedicated to quality loving care!



In loving memory of

       Zella Berry


     Upon Mom's death CARE FOR YOU 2 was born. Mom became the inspiration for us to continue this love of family. We are determined to bring to all the families we assist the kind of care, respect, joy and heartfelt love that would make "Mom" proud!


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Care For You 2. LLC
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Cincinnati, OH 45248


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 CARE FOR YOU 2 is available 7 days a week for additional support and advice. Even if we can't provide a specific service for you and/or your family, we are always glad to recommend other opportunities. We're also there if you just need someone to listen. Hence the name CARE FOR YOU 2....we not only care for our clients but their families too!

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